PAGO + RUTH Lewandowski Wines + Frog Bench Farms

Pago adores the seasons; in fact we celebrate them every chance we get. To celebrate the end of harvest we are showcasing our dearly beloved sommelier and winemaker Evan Lewandowski. Evan’s winery, RUTH Lewandowski Wines, is releasing their 3rd and final wine of 2012, a stunning Carignan, by the name of Boaz. Chef Phelix and Fuller put together a menu to celebrate what is in season from Frog Bench Farms, one of Pago’s favorite sources for local goodness, and host for the night. This will be a special night…

Date: Sunday October 13th 2013

Time: 5:30pm

Cost: $65, Wine $45, Farm $10 (this goes directly to the farm) + tax + 20% gratuity

Location: Frog Bench Farms - 2404 E Blaine Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Availability: 40 seats

Menu: below (easily made vegetarian and/or gluten free)

Reservations: Only taken via email by Scott Evans –

A credit card number is needed to confirm the reservation.