PAGO + Az. Agricola Petrera Pasquale

When the opportunity to host a winemaker from Puglia, whose wines we already love, just happens to pass through town, we have to throw a party! Pasquale Petrera came through Salt Lake last year and I had a chance to taste a good smattering of his organic, estate grown wines. For this celebration we will feature 4 wines from his estate, only one of which is available at the state ABC stores. All others have been brought in for this dinner.

Date: Thursday October 17th 2013

Time: 6pm

Cost: Food: $40, Wine $32 + tax + 20% gratuity

Location: Pago

Availability: 20 seats

Menu: below

Reservations: Only taken via email by Scott Evans –

A credit card number is needed to confirm the reservation.