We are excited to launch the Summer Sommelier Series at Pago with our first event on Bastille Day - July 14th. Definitely THE best Alsatian wines I have ever enjoyed. Pago's Sommelier, Evan Lewandowski, will be hosting the dinner and sharing the wines and stories that he helped to craft while he worked there in 2011.

Binner Dinner
Sunday July 14th, 2013 - 6pm
$40 for Food & $40 for Wine Pairings (+tax +gratuity)
Rsvp to scott@pagoslc.com


More info and details from Evan:

Audrey and Christian Binner are quietly and humbly turning the Alsace wine scene on its ear. In a region that has long been praised for its dedication to organics and now, biodynamic farming practices, this husband and wife team have become beacons of hope, winemakers brave enough to eschew the modern industrialized wine making processes. Audrey and Christian employ in their cellar, the same natural approach they take with their old vines, choosing not to lean on all the winery techno wizardry of today in favor of letting healthy balanced fruit from healthy balanced vineyards ferment slowly and naturally, bottling wines with shockingly little added or taken away. This is not to be confused with a lazy do-nothing approach. This is a do EVERYTHING in the vines philosophy. Only healthy fruit can make for healthy wine.

Binner wines are naturally pure expressions of the patchwork of amazing soils of Alsace. Intense, ripe and concentrated, and in most cases fully dry. Dry wines are more stable than sweet ones, therefore much of what the Binners craft is dry, unfiltered and in many instances completely sulfur free. Altogether different, altogether beautiful.

These wines have never been poured in Utah, a couple of them have never been seen in the US. They are extremely hard to get a hold of in other markets. OK, you get it...they're special. But if you would join us on July 14th, you will most assuredly walk away with not only a completely new idea of what the words 'Alsace' 'Riesling' and 'Gewurtztraminer' mean, but a new definition of the word 'wine' altogether.