• Frog Bench Farms (map)
  • 2404 E Blaine Ave
  • Salt Lake City, UT, 84108
  • United States

PAGO + RUTH Lewandowski Wines  + Frog Bench Farms

We have hosted a dizzying array of wine dinners this past summer with winemakers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and California. Yet our final dinner of the summer/fall is a feature of our beloved RUTH Lewandowski Wines and our friends at Frog Bench Farms. Evan Lewandowski has been passionately making Utah’s finest wines since 2012.

Our last event was a tearjerker and was beautifully documented by our friends at City Home Collective. Check it. This is not to be missed. Consider it dinner with friends. You’re invited.

Details: Sunday October 26th 2013

Time: 5:30pm

Cost: Food - $65, Wine $55 + tax + 20% gratuity

Location: Frog Bench Farms - 2404 E Blaine Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Availability: 40 seats

Menu: attached (vegetarian and/or gluten free options are available)

Reservations: Only taken via email by Evan – evan@pagoslc.com

A credit card number is needed to confirm the reservation.


Details from the man himself – Evan Lewandowski: 

"As Harvest 2014 is coming to a close for Ruth Lewandowski and the new wines are SLOWLY finishing up fermentation and truly coming into their own, I get this amazing opportunity to come up for air, take a good look around and feel absolutely blessed.  After 8 weeks of just barely keeping my eyes above the waves, I need a celebration.  That is, of course, what 'harvest dinners' have always been about; Taking precious time to celebrate what has happened over the course of the seasons, from planting to picking, from budburst to harvest and the simple fact that you're still standing, is incredibly valuable, and in my opinion, one hundred percent necessary.  I couldn't think of a better way to do this than with my Pago family, the Sargetakis family at Frog Bench Farm, and many of you that will join us there.  This evening is also an occasion to celebrate the return of Boaz and Chilion, as you will be the first to get these, the final two releases from the 2013 vintage, in your glass.  These two are crazy that goes without saying.  I can honestly and humbly say, however, that these two wines most perfectly represent my heart for natural wine. I've never before seen such perfect fermentations, such graceful elevage and such absolute individualistic wines.  Truly miraculous things.  Zero additions whatsoever.  These went into bottle completely naked (no preservative, no filtration) 4 months ago and really are phenomenons.  We'll take some time to put each new 2013 next to their 2012 counterpart and honor both their overwhelming similarities and their perplexing differences.  Each harvest brings something that is both familiar and altogether original, precisely what Ruth Lewandowski seeks to corral into each and every bottle and exactly what Pago loves to showcase on each and every plate that graces the table. "