• Frog Bench Farms (map)
  • 2404 South Blaine Avenue
  • Salt Lake City, UT, 84108
  • United States

SOLD OUT - PAGO Harvest Dinner with Ruth Lewandowski Wines at Frog Bench Farms

with owner/ winemaker Evan Lewandowski

Sunday, October 23rd at 5:30pm

$65 food, $55 wine pairings + tax/gratuity

At Frog Bench Farms, 2404 E Blaine Avenue, SLC, UT 84108

Limited to 34 seats

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The changing of seasons is still such an enjoyable part of living in Utah.  The switch from long and hot summer days to the cool, crisp fall air with paintbrush-colored leaves scattered underfoot tells us Autumn is here, albeit briefly, before the winter snows descend.  In the food and beverage world, fall takes on a more significant role – where everyone from produce farmers to vineyard owners shift into a near frenzy for nearly two months.  From before dawn to after bedtime (for any sane person at least):  picking and loading, washing equipment, sorting stems and rocks and fruit, packing, shipping…  hoping to get everything harvested before the frosty weather shuts the whole operation down.  A time of intense work and intense abundance – tomatoes so plentiful kids can eat them by the handful and there’s still so many you can have them for three meals a day.  

At Pago, between our many farm and wine friends, to our own little plot of land at Pago Farms, we experience the Harvest highs and lows directly.   The bleary eyes as local farmers make their deliveries, the chefs furiously buying and using the produce at the peak of its flavor in new and fun ways at the restaurant, the nearly unreachable winemakers as they furiously process the grapes, our own achy limbs after weeks of picking the last vestiges of the backyard “farm”.   By the end of October, it all comes to an abrupt end.  And after the relentless speed of the past two month, it’s time to shift back down to a slower pace.  To take a moment and eat, drink, and celebrate what just took place.  

We are fortunate to have two dear friends that we celebrate the Harvest season with each year – Frog Bench Farms, the SLC urban farm we’ve been working with since the day Pago opened it’s doors, and Ruth Lewandowski Wines, owned and operated by Pago’s former sommelier Evan Lewandowski.  After another wonderful year, we host our annual collaborative Pago Harvest Dinner with Ruth Lewandowski Wines at Frog Bench Farms.  It’s a small, intimate dinner where Pago chefs create a unique tasting menu to pair with the fabulous Ruth Lewandowski wines.  We all dine together around two communal tables in one of the Frog Bench Farms greenhouses, huddling under jackets or blankets, listening as the amazing Evan Lewandowski tells the latest tales of winemaking and shares his insights from the latest round of harvest.  It’s farm-to-table, casual fine dining at it’s very best and you won’t want to miss this special event on Sunday, October 23rd.  We have room for just a small group – no more than 34 guests max – and tickets go quickly, so reserve your spot now.   

The fixed-price menu and wine pairings are $65 tasting menu and $55 wine pairings + tax/ gratuity.  Full menu below.  (Vegetarian and gluten-free options also available).

Hope to see you there!  


Scott Evans, Founder/President, Pago Restaurant Group

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