A Destination

Pago is an intimate, farm-to-table restaurant in Salt Lake City, serving elevated American cuisine in a casual fine-dining environment.  We also have an extensive wine list, featuring unique and exceptional wines from around the world.

The word "Pago" is derived from the Castilian Spanish word for a single vineyard.  In 2003, Spain created the Denominación de Pago (DO Pago) or Vino de Pago (VP) designation for exceptional Spanish wine grown outside of the traditional growing regions, using grapes exclusively from their own estate. 

Like our namesake, Pago strives to create an exceptional dining experience outside of recognized dining destinations while focusing on local artisan producers in our region.  We offer seasonal, new American cuisine, with an ever-changing menu to reflect the best seasonal ingredients we can find from local providers.  The high quality food and service comes without the formal or stuffy atmosphere -- no white linens or jackets-required here, just top-notch service from friendly, knowledgeable servers. 

With less than a dozen tables tucked into the small dining area, and a extra half-dozen tables on the patio during warmer months, dining at Pago feels both urban and intimate. Located in the Woodman Building (built in 1910), in the charming 9th and 9th neighborhood, Pago is just minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City.  

Farm to Table

We believe the closer we are to the farm, the fresher the food, so we serve quality and organic products from local farms and local artisans. This means menus and specials that change with the seasons, featuring the best items we can find at any time of the year.

"Farm to Table" is a trendy concept these days, with many restaurants claiming to use farm to table and local ingredients.  We try to uphold this concept fully -- meaning we do not simply source a handful of items from a local (or semi-local) producer when it's convenient, we aim for every item on our menu to be locally sourced, and often when the item is no longer available or in-season, we simply change our menu to offer something else that is.  

We purchase great local products from local farms and producers, like Beehive Cheese, Clifford Family Farms, Fog River Seafood, Montague Farms, Sweet Valley Organics, and Wasatch Meats.  See our full list of partners here.

In 2010, we broke ground on our own Pago micro-farm in Sugarhouse. With roughly 7,000 square feet, each year we grow a small variety of vegetables and herbs - like heirloom tomatoes, heirloom beets, kale, cilantro, and salad greens - exclusively for use at Pago and Finca (our sister restaurant).


Modern + rustic design

Nestled into a small space in the 9th and 9th mixed residential and retail neighborhood, Pago’s rustic + modern design reflects old world history with an updated touch. Pago used green-building techniques and recycled or original materials during the construction process, including original distressed brickwork throughout, a reclaimed wood (from Lehi Hospital) feature wall and tables with reclaimed industrial steel and eco-resin accents, "paper stone" (made from recycled office paper) counter tops on the bar, counter, and restrooms, and water wise toilets.  The custom booths, shelving and metal work were crafted by the talented Clint Knecht of Blackridge Metal, who also managed the construction process from beginning to end.

Part of our vision when we created Pago, was to create a business that proactively reduces waste and minimizes the impact on the environment, while staying connected to our community.  Our ongoing paper products and glass recycling efforts, use of eco-friendly take away containers, and many community involvement activities are small ways that we practice this philosophy, and we look for ways to continue to expand in this area.